Why specializing early in one sport is a bad idea

“The best way to train for young female hockey players? Play as many sports as you can! This will help develop motor skills and other attributes which will be helpful in the end. When I was young, I played all kinds of sports and so did most of the high end athletes.” ~ Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Gina Kingsbury


One of our biggest misconceptions as parents, coaches and sometimes as young athletes is to think that if we play hockey all summer long, we will get an edge over those who don’t. Science and experts say you don’t. Even when presented with the scientific facts, it is natural and very difficult to wrap our head around them and admit it to ourselves, by fear of loosing that edge for ourselves, our kids, our players.

The Ice Dragons have done some research for you and we strongly encourage you to do more reading on the topic, as players, parents and coaches and keep an open mind. You’ll be surprised of the results.


Visit our Video Section for tips on how to train for hockey in the off-season, and other tips!

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